This is how fast the 'snake' is. After thousands of still photos in 2006 - I came up with this. Look on top of the keyboard (left side of the picture). Something bleeding(?)green and blue while the camera catches a gray worm

Nokia Pitkäniemi begins it's worldwide conquest in 1997

Nokia 5100 has my Finnish ident number on it's backplate (first 6 digits)

How medical terrorism works today (2014)

My thinking on the NNTP The thinking on what happens when a brain is terrorized and wounded with psychiatry

Shrew attack 2005-2011

Brain imaging Tammisaari 1999

2013: Dimensions are open in my appartment. Hitting them with an electric fly zapper.

Home invasion. Superintendent with his superior screw arround with my ip-cam. (Power cord attachment out of place afterwards). AVI video.

They got me!

Radiation in my liver! NukAlert alarming.

My MRI images

My problem with the finnish army/state. Manditory religeous service means Holy WAR with the state!! (PDF document) Forged patient history from HUS/TAYS full of lies and illegally obtained material from brain waves (thought) (PDF) DOC2


My unfortunate reversal of the mathias rust deed. Police fakes an accident and gets my signature at the brain&body slaughterhouse at Jorvi, Espoo. I drove to check out the radio call for an army rehersal and found familiar faces from the unit I attended in 1993.




Abdominal MRI JPGS DEC20 2013

DOC9 AF 447


....Results of my electrical execution at home 1998 spring (photo june 19th 2013)

....This electrical damage to my upper body was done at home about mid-year 1998 may-june. Suddenly at night my torso would somehow tilt up from a sleeping position, a belt felt tightening around my right arm and Matti Muikku named police-endorced-forced-treatment-Jorvi(u-r-v)hospital male nurse reminding me about putting a shirt on my grandma and a deadly electrical currect strikes my head and upper body. I realize that I'm wearing a shirt depicting a small dove (like Emil Leopold Locke in Roger Moore 007 Bond) on an otherwise black t-shirt.

Henri Ala-Peijari


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